Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOWER!

So the other night, after a couple cocktails at Poison Girl, a nerdy group of us decided to make a midnight run to Houston's Museum of Natural Science to check out Lois, Houston's own resident Corpse Flower.

I had never even heard of such a flower -especially one over 6 ft.- and nither had a few of the others, so we had to see it. 
-Also, the museum has been staying open 24 hours waiting on the big lady to bloom.
When Lois decides to bloom, she is supposed to smell of rotting meat/ corpses-hence the name.
Lois obviously has not bloomed yet, word is she has started to open, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious to see what this stench and stink is all about.

As for now, we are all on standby for news of the big bloom. 
Hopefully when the news comes, it'll be at a more normal,
much safer hour. Ha.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nola, not done yet...perfect romance and snails at Irene's

So we chose Irene's for the last dinner, wow, excuse me...BIRTHDAY dinner, in Nola. 
A couple of locals we had met at Port of Call had highly recommended Irene's
for a semi pricey, kind of romantic, super delicious Italian/Creole dinner.
It was a lot to promise, but thankfully we listened.

To start-I HAD to have the escargot (one of my favorites), over heard it was the "best in the world" from a couple waiting at the bar and this turned out to be true. These beautiful snail babies were served stuffed inside of huge mushrooms soaked in just enough butter and garlic, all sitting on top of crisp little toasts. Ahhhh snail perfection. I must say that I haven't had any better anywhere else. Dare to change my mind. :)

Moving on, we also had the prosciutto with melon and greens. Sadly, the plate was a little scarce of the prosciutto- 
but the main course made up for that.

Main course-rack of lamb served rare w/garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.
It was soooo delicious. Cooked perfectly bloody rare, it just melted in your mouth. If I wasn't a lady-or nobody was looking for that matter, I would have gnawed it to the bone. 
(for those of you who don't know yet, I'm quite the carnivore)

In closing-I hope I didn't offend or gross any of you non meat eaters out too much, 
but for the rest of you-
if you are ever in New Orleans and in search for an especially eclectic dinner spot,
 you must visit Irene's.

p.s. I did attempt to take a photo of the best escargot ever, but the amount of wine and not being able to use a flash crippled my skills just a tad...

next time!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My 3 step guide to enjoying the world's best burger at Port of Call, Nola...

1. Order one of Port of Call's many Polynesian poisons.
-I usually get the Monsoon-

2.  Start sipping
-this is a joyous occasion after all-the best burger of your life is on it's way-

3.  Take a pic to share, say a little prayer, and start eating.
-If you a mushroom freak like me, I highly recommend piling both your burger AND your mandatory baked potato (no fries served here) with mushrooms. 

Mushrooms, meat, and monsoons..
What more could you ask for?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spotted: Tanya & Dorise French Quarter, Nola...

Tanya and Dorise performing in the Quarter this past Saturday.

They played the most beautiful cover of Taylor Swift's -You belong with me-
 I've since been obsessed with trying to find the most amazing cover of the song, but I'm pretty sure these ladies had it down. I sure wish I would have recorded it.

Aha! I just find a little clip of them performing on youtube-take a listen!
(if you listen closely, you can hear the "videographer" singing along. kind of funny)

Until next time, with tips in hand, I'll be prepared with video.

Monday, July 12, 2010

turning 27 in Nola was a fantastic idea...

I know I have been o.o.c. for the last two weeks, which deserves an update all in it's own..
but for now, I would love to share a few tidbits and clips from my magical birthday weekend.
I'll be posting them all week, so stay tuned. 

As for Mexico, tropical storm Alex ruined most of our photo ops. That bastard. 
Good thing I returned home in one piece just in time to ring in my 27th year in 
one of my favorite cities, NEW ORLEANS.

Oh yeah, how could I leave this out...
In the photo above, I am drinking a Hurricane at the famous Pat Obrien's.
Probably the most delicious, most caloric drink that I ever had.
-it was worth every sip.
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